Why Hire a Doula?

pregnant belly

Doula (Du-lah): Female helper, from the Greek word Doule. A woman experienced in childbirth who provides information, emotional support, and comfort to a woman before, during, and after birth. 

A More Positive Experience

Parents report a more positive birth experience when accompanied by a doula. While doctors and nurses have other duties and patients to attend to, the doula's sole purpose and duty is YOU, the birthing person. Techniques like repositioning, massage, and many other doula "tricks" will keep you comfortable and focused during labor. In addition, postpartum support to help with breastfeeding and transitioning a newborn into the family can set you up for long term success.

Less Interventions

Births with doulas in attendance have an average of a 25% shorter labor, 50% less risk of a caesarean, a 60% reduction in requests for pain medication, and a reduced chance of requiring forceps for delivery. By employing effective comfort measures and ensuring the birthing person is knowledgeable and well supported, doulas can create more positive health outcomes for families. 

newborn breastfeeding

Continuous Advocacy and Support

Doulas act as a birthing advocate. Whether you wish to birth at home, in a hospital, naturally, or with an epidural, you will have a voice in advocating for your ideal birth. A conversation with your doula is the best way to navigate key questions you may want to ask your care provider. Doulas can also guide partner parents-to-be in being a helpful encourager during the pregnancy and birth and do not in any way attempt to replace them.

For more information on doulas, visit DONA International or the American Pregnancy Association