Breast-Pumping Consultation


There are a variety of reasons a mother may benefit from a breast-pumping consultation. Breast-pumping is a wonderful way to save breastmilk for your new baby if you are returning to work, unable to breastfeed, or you are having issues with low supply. 

Exclusively Pumping

Typically, people refer to either exclusively breastfeeding or formula as the two options for feeding a newborn baby. However, if one is unable to breastfeed, exclusively pumping may be an excellent alternative. If you are planning to exclusively pump, we may discuss: 

  • Bonding with baby while pumping
  • Increasing and maintaining milk supply
  • Properly pumping to express the maximum amount of milk
  • Self-care strategies to help with your breastfeeding journey
  • Properly cleaning and storing pump parts
  • Properly and safely storing and thawing milk 
  • The best bottles for mimicking the breast
  • The possibility of reintegrating breastfeeding in the future (see below)

Pumping at Work 

Pumping at work is a great way to maintain your supply and save some milk for the little one while they are in child care or at home with another parent. Many parents become nervous that they will be unable to make enough milk for their babies or that they will struggle with finding the time to pump at work. During a consultation we may discuss: 

  • Creating a plan that allows you to maintain a routine and take the stress out of  pumping at work
  • Speaking with your employer and knowing your rights for pumping at work
  • Increasing and maintaining milk supply
  • Properly pumping to express the maximum amount of milk
  • Properly cleaning and storing pump parts
  • Properly and safely storing and thawing milk
  • The best bottles for mimicking the breast, to reduce the possibility of nipple confusion

Increasing Supply 

Supply can decrease for a variety reasons, including your period returning, another pregnancy, certain foods/beverages, a break in your pumping schedule, and more. Luckily, there are many ways to increase milk supply. If you are concerned about your supply, or would like to be prepared should your supply wane in the future, you may benefit from a consultation. We may discuss: 

  • Safe foods, beverages, and teas to increase your supply
  • Pumping routines, including how to "power pump"
  • Foods and beverages to avoid
  • As a last resort, supplements and medications that you may discuss with your care provider


reintegrating breast.jpg

Reintegrating Breastfeeding

If you have been exclusively pumping, it can be helpful to know that it is possible to begin breastfeeding again if you desire. There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping a mother who wants to breastfeed again. Did you know that it is possible to lactate again after fully stopping breastfeeding as well? If you wish to reintegrate breastfeeding after pumping, or relactate after a break in breastfeeding, you may require the help of a certified lactation consultant. I can refer you to many excellent lactation consultants in the area, but in the meantime at our consultation we will discuss: 

  • Your specific goals and develop a plan to achieve them
  • How to use Supplemental Nursing Systems (SNS)
  • Getting baby back to breast
  • Increasing and maintaining milk supply through the transition
  • Self-care strategies to ease stress during the transition

If a breast-pumping consultation sounds like something that would be helpful to you, please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment. Our initial appointment will last about two hours, and optional follow-up appointments will last about an hour.  As for all of my clients, I will also be available to you by phone or email for questions any time. Please visit my Investment page to see what the current fees are for a breast-pumping consultation.